New Pattern – Crispin Hat

I am releasing my fourth pattern today, the Crispin hat!dscn2154

Crispin was the first pattern I designed that was actually finished. However, when I originally made it I didn’t like it very much and I think it is for two reasons. First, the way I had imagined it would look didn’t match the way it actually turned out and it made me doubt my ability to design. I was a bit frustrated with it. Add to that the fact that my haircut at the time made the hat look really awkward when I put it on and you have a very disliked knitted item.

But with some time (and a different) hair cut I started to see the hat differently and now I am completely and utterly in love with it. I love that is keeps me nice and warm in this nasty weather. I love the colour and softness of the yarn. And I love the simplicity of the design. I have a thing for simple designs in my clothes and accessories. I don’t mind colour but if it isn’t simple and effortless and easy to combine I will not love an item. Crispin is just one of those things that is beautiful and versatile because it is simple. It goes with everything and I know it will be a companion for years to come.

It is available in one-size fits nearly everyone and has a loose fit. Because of the simple design and clear lines it is a truly unisex pattern. It has a folded brim which keeps you super cosy in cold weather. The main part features a slip-stitch and purl zigzag pattern on stockinette background. This is a super easy pattern available as a chart or written out and is great for beginners.


I used Dovestone DK yarn from Baa Ram Ewe which is my LYS. The yarn is a blend of Blue-faced Leceister, Wensleydale Longwool and Masham. Due to the long-wool it has a lovely sheen to it and makes the fabric look very ‘alive’. It is also a durable yarn which is good for a hat as it has to face all sorts of weather and (at least in my case) is often stored in  a bag with tons of other things when I am wearing it and thus gets a lot of wear. When you are looking for alternative yarns make sure to get a fibre that is durable but has a bit of woolly bounce to it. Try to find something that contains a bit of a long-staple fibre to achieve a similar bounce. It should have plies to show of the pattern better and plies will also make it more durable.

If you knit the pattern please share your results! I would love to see how your Crispin turns out.


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