Gilmore Girls are back!

Today is the day! New Gilmore Girls episodes! I am super excited and know what I will do this afternoon.


I know this is not necessarily knitting related (though Gilmore Girls are fantastic knitting telly) but this TV show was really important for me when I was growing up and I just thought it might be an appropriate day to let out my inner fan girl.

I love Gilmore Girls because it showed these two incredible women and even though it had romance in it, it wasn’t about them and their relationship with men but about both of them growing up and learning to be who they are and how they fit into the world.

Rory was always my immediate favourite because she was always closer to my age and also because she loved books and studying, her dreams of travelling and studying and exploring the world were pretty much what I dreamed of and it was so nice to see someone I could get along with on TV. Also, Rory read the best books and I don’t think I would have discovered some of the books without here influence.

In hindsight, though, Lorelei has also been very important in understanding adult live and putting it in perspective. I like that Lorelei worked for what she wanted and that she was never perfect. She showed me that adult life was messy and that detours are fine. That I didn’t need to know what I want immediately and that struggling is normal but that eventually hard work will get you to where you are meant to be.

Anyway, to move this away from the personal, I also believe that Gilmore Girls are important in this time of political change. The show’s characters include a variety of independent, intelligent women with opinions of their own and who are not defined by the men in their life. They are all different women with different dreams and worldviews. The show thus portrays women as three dimensional and not as stereotypes. I believe that this portrayal is really important especially when women’s rights are threatened even in democracies. Role models are important and the women in Gilmore Girls are certainly that.

Anyway, I am super excited about these new episodes and hope you have a good weekend (with or without Gilmore Girls)


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