Currently Reading – The Keys to the Kingdom Series

I have been reading a lot, or rather I have started a lot of books but am slow to finish them because I can’t quite decide which to finish first.

However, I did manage to finish a book series I started sometime in autumn. It’s called ‘The Keys to the Kingdom’ series and is written by Garth Nix. It consists of seven books, one for each day of the week.


My boyfriend read them when he was younger and we found some of the books in a charity shop. It is teen/young adult fiction but I enjoyed reading it as an adult. If you like fantasy, then this is a light and quick read worth checking out (I can also recommend ‘The Old Kingdom’ series by this author).

The story is about a boy who, because he was at the right (or wrong) place at the right (or wrong) time, is chosen to free the seven parts of the will of the architect and their keys from the morrow days in order to save the House, a place that records what happens in the Secondary Realms which includes Earth. Arthur agrees because events in the House are effecting Earth and his family and he wants to save them.

Each book is a different day and different adventure for Arthur and his friends. Even though Arthur is the main character, I really like Suzy Turquoise Blue and Leaf, his friends. They both have stories of their own and are some great female characters.

Overall, the author creates a rich world with curious and unique characters. The story is funny but also written with suspense because you can’t really trust any of the characters and the situation quickly becomes more serious.

They are not very long books and make for a quick read. I managed to read two of the books in a day. I really enjoyed reading the series as a quick interlude from more demanding books I have started lately and it was really nice to escape to another world for a while.

Have you read anything by this author?


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