Changes/Plans for this blog

This is going to be a brief post. I really just want to tell you a little bit about what I am planning for this blog. I am working really hard on establishing a regular posting schedule and plan to post twice a week for now. Fridays will be days for regular features, which I will talk about a little more shortly, and Tuesdays will vary. I am aiming to use the Tuesday post as away to share resources and knowledge, review books and magazines and to talk about what is happening with Annika Andrea Knits as away for me to reflect on what is going on and what it means to design but also talk about new designs and future plans.

The Friday post on the other hand will be the same topic every month. As such, my aim is to introduce you to a new designer on the first Friday of every month starting from February. The second Friday of the month will feature a list of things I enjoy listening to, reading or watching when I knit. The third Friday will be dedicated to my Swatchbook post where I like to introduce you to yarns from smaller yarn companies. The fourth Friday will be a collection of news, interesting articles and other announcements from the knitting and fibre community that I thought worthwhile sharing with you.

This plan is not set in stone but for now that is what I am aiming for. I hope this sounds interesting to you and would be really happy if you checked out my post every once in a while. Thank you for your interest and I am really excited to be sharing this journey of blogging about knitting and designing with you !


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