Beautiful Stranded Colourwork

Designing and knitting the Colourful Cowl (for which I am running a KAL this month, check it out here)  was only the third time I knitted something in stranded colourwork. I had knitted a hat as my first project and then immediately moved on to knit an Icelandic sweater. It took me long time after learning to knit to even consider trying stranded colourwork because I was intimidated by having to hold to colours at the same time. But when I eventually did it wasn’t that bad (although it took two tries to get okayish tension for the hat).

I believe that practice is the only way to improve a skill you are trying to acquire. I think the Colourful Cowl wouldn’t make for an ideal first stranded colourwork project but because it is still relatively simple it would probably be a good project if you have a little practice under your belt. To give you some inspiration of what is possible when you master the art of stranded colour and to give examples of projects to practice with, I have compiled a few stranded colourwork projects for different levels of experience which I would love to make one day.



Top Row:

Drips by Bethany Hill (available for free on Ravelry)

Maroo Mitts by Ambah O’Brien (available on Ravelry)

Bottom Row:

Lucky me socks by Pia Kammeborn (available on Raverly)

Laurus by Dianna Walla (available for free on Fringe Association)



Top Row:

Pixel Socks by Purl Soho (available for free on their website)

West Coast Cardigan by Jane Richmond (available on Ravelry)

Bottom Row:

Montbretia by Carol Feller (available as part of the Book of Haps)

Twylla by Rachel Coopey (available on Ravelry)



Top Row:

January Mittens by Hanna Levänieme (available for free on Ravelry)

Saudade by Ysolda Teague (available on Raverly)

Bottom Row:

Mesmeric Cardigan by Katy Banks (available on Ravelry)

Latvian Fingerless Mitts by Beth Brown-Reinsel (available on Ravelry)


On a little side note: My Colourblock Mittens are ideal for trying the first steps of stranded colourwork as you will only need to work with two colour at the same time for two rows. 

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