Swatchbook – Swatch no. 5

Buachaille by Kate Davies Design


As someone who lived in Scotland for four years working with Scottish yarn feels really special. I learned knitting in Scotland but didn’t ever work with yarn produced in that part of the country which is what made me so excited when I discovered Buachaille.

Buachaille uses Scottish wool and is produced in West Yorkshire where I live making this even more special. The yarn is made up of a blend of Shetland wool and Cheviot fleeces from the Scottish mainland. It is a lovely mixture of yarn that is soft enough to wear next to the skin but that is also durable. Buachaille is the Scottish-Gaelic work for herdsmen but I still haven’t actually worked out how to properly pronounce it.

Source: Kate Davies Design

I loved working with this yarn in particular because it has a beautiful stitch definition. The pattern I used with this yarn comes through incredibly well and is very distinct (keep an eye out for this upcoming pattern which will be featured in the March edition of Knotions Mag and will be available for free).

Buachaille is available in 10 colours of which three are natural colours. The skeins are 50 g each and about 120 yards/110 m. I have so far only worked with the undyed yarn but what the colours look lovely and I am sure they would be great for colour work.

10 shades of Buachaille – Source: Kate Davies Design

Buachaille was first produced by Kate Davies in 2015 but even before that Kate has been an important voice in the knitting community. She is an inspiring designer and has published multiple pattern books as well as books an textile history. Her blog is definitely worth checking out. Together with her husband she also produced absolute stunning photography of her patterns which usually feature breathtaking Scottish landscapes.

Source: Kate Davies Design

I really enjoyed working with this yarn and am super happy to have 3 skeins of it still in my stash waiting to be turned into something incredibe.






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