Knotions Magazine

Source: Knotions Magazine

My new pattern, the Lenz Shawl, will be featured in Knotions Magazine’s March edition and I thought it might be a great opportunity to introduce you to this lovely online magazine.

Originally founded in 2008, it re-launched in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength since then. Knotions is a monthly knitting and crochet magazine that includes free patterns. It is published 11 times a year (skipping July due to little knitting going on summer) and you can also find tutorials and blog articles on the website.

Source: Knotions Magazine Ravelry

It has featured patterns by big names including Francoise Danoy but also has a lot of designers starting out. The patterns featured include socks, shawls, cowls, hats and more for all levels of knitting and crochet competencies.
Jody Richards in in charge of this amazing online magazine ad editor, tech editor and overall amazing lady. I really loved working with her on this as it was very inclusive process. As a designer, I was kept in the loop about everything that was going on to get this issue ready for publication. Jody is very responsive as well. It usually doesn’t take long to hear from her.

Jody Richards – Knotions Editor,  Source: Knotions Magazine

If you are interested in getting a design published, I highly recommend trying to get something published in Knotions Mag. It is a great first step in the journey to publishing designs.

Source: Knotions Magazine

As a designer, you are responsible for providing photos with the pattern but Jody does the tech editing, can do the schematics and will also help with editing the photos to show your design in the best way possible. And the bonus is, you will get paid for the pattern. Also, if you are lucky your design will be featured in their marketing. What more can you ask for.
If designing isn’t your thing, do check out the magazine anyway. With monthly free patterns for all levels of knitting and crochet experience, and tutorials to help when stuck, this is a magazine to keep your eye on.


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