Looking back on seven months of publishing patterns

Last year in September I published my first patterns and it has definitely been an interesting, stressful and at the same time rewarding journey.

I decided to publish my pattern because when my dad died unexpectedly I realised the only thing that was holding me back was fear of rejection. My dad’s passing away made it clear to me though that I would regret not trying to design and publish patterns more than any failure or rejection. So, after taking Aroha Knits design challenge, I knew that I wanted to give this a proper try.

I designed a few accessory patterns over the summer and with the help of my amazing tech editor Lisa and my best friends Jana and Vicky, I got the patterns ready for publication and have since then published eight accessory patterns with two more in the making. I have also designed my first garment and am working on another one.

I found the process and designing and knitting patterns a very satisfying process and have been really happy with the progress I can see myself make as a designer. I am really hoping to be able to design a few more garments in the next few months.

Initially designing was not only away for my to be creative but also an opportunity to work on escaping a job I didn’t like. This was something that actually put a lot of stress into the designing process and sometimes created negative feelings that I associated with my knitting. Luckily, I have since left the job for a new one that I enjoy a lot. As a result, I can now do the designing as a hobby.

Despite it being a hobby now, I still want to do well and make a few sales but I don’t have any pressure anymore to achieve a certain amount of sales. It really felt like lifting a weight of my shoulders when I was able to say I only want this to be a hobby.

Another thing I have tremendously enjoyed, is getting to know other designers on Instagram and through starting the designer of the month posts. It was so nice to meet Solène at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and I can’t wait for you to meet the other designers I have managed to secure interviews with over the coming months. The knitting community is filled with so many talented and inspiring people and being part of it is really very rewarding and has helped me through somewhat difficult personal times.

So, overall it has been great fun to work on my designing and to grow as a knitter. In the last seven months I have improved my pattern writing, photography and overall creative process. There is obviously a lot more to learn and to improve but for now, I will take my time, not only to work on my designing but also to grow this blog and give other designers a place to tell their design stories.





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