To knit to – April Edition

For this month’s to knit to edition I am including another podcast that I love listening to not only when I knit but also on my long commute to work. The edition also includes two Jane Austen (related) films. 


The Podcast – Can he do that


Can he do that is a podcast by the Washington Post and He refers to Trump. Each week the podcasts asks the question can Trump do a certain thing. For example, can he tweet that or should he spend this weekends at Mar-a-lago. It is hosted by Allison Michaels who is joined by a different Washington Post reporter each week. I find the format is a clever approach to analyse Trump’s presidency and have certainly learned a lot. If Trump’s presidency is something you are interested in, this is a good podcast to check out.

The Film – Love and Friendship


Love and Friendship is based on the novel Lady Susan by Jane Austen, which the author finished but did not publish in her lifetime. It tells of the story of the title character’s scheming and was turned into a film starring Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Sevigny and Stehpen Fry (it is available on the UK Netflix). The film is very witty but sticks close to the language and expressions of the time and thus might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, I thought it was story that, despite Lady Susan not being the nicest person, illustrates very well what happens when you don’t allow clever women to use their intelligence for anything but marriage planning. Love and Friendship is not the romantic love story that other Jane Austen films and books might be but I liked it nevertheless.

The Film – Austenland


I have watched this film a few times now and just love the fun it makes of Jane Austen obsessions. Counting myself as one of these Jane Austen obsessives (not as extreme as the main character in any sense), the concept of the film definitely appeals and I think I would love to go to Austenland myself. The film tells the story of Jane Hayes, a 30 something Jane Austen Fan who visits a Jane Austen resort where you pretend to live in the time of Pride and Prejudice. Obviously, her fantasy is not quite the reality but a happy ending awaits the heroine regardless. If you like Jane Austen, this is certainly a comedy you will enjoy.


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