Cardigan Conundrum

I really want a new black cardigan because the store bought one I currently own doesn’t fit very well anymore after all the turns through the washing machine and some weight gain on my part. I have been eyeing a few cardigans on Ravelry for while now but struggle to commit to any. I did just cast on a simple stockinette cardigan (Featherweight by Hannah Fettig) which is the second time I am knitting this pattern but that is for another blog post. However, for this reason I am looking for a cardigan pattern that isn’t just good old plain stst. In order to help me with the decision I thought it might help to make list of what I like about each pattern and what is holding me back from actually committing to it.

Melli by Camille Rosselle

Source: Pom Pom Mag 20

When I saw the pattern in the current Pom Pom issue I loved it immediately. I find the ‘Bee’ pattern absolutely adorable and have a weakness for oversized cardigans anyway. However, in the fit also lies the problem I have with this pattern. It is an oversized cropped cardigan that looks lovely on the model but my body shape is very different from hers and I am concerned it won’t look good on my. I have considered adding length to it but I am not sure how that would impact the over all look of the design. Also, it looks very cute in the speckled yarn but I am not sure it would look equally good in just black.

Linden by Mel Ski

Source: 6 Bits Storybook dwell

This is another one of those patterns I fell in love with immediately but never knitted. Similarly to Melli, I like the oversized fit. I also like the pockets a lot. The combination of patterned and stockinette sections should make this a fun project. Again, I am not 100% convinced this is a fit that suits me and again I can’t really see it in black. The advantage of course would be that I already own the pattern and would only need the yarn. But that still leaves the question: what yarn to use?

Aidez by Cirilia Rose

Source: Cirilia Rose

First of all, I love the look of the cables on this cardigan. However, considering that I am currently trying to find something to knit so I don’t have to knit the cables on a shirt design I am working on, this might not be the best choice. Also, the yarn for this is a bulky yarn and despite the appeal of a cozy cable cardigan I am not sure it is the best choice for spring/summer knitting. Furthermore, I am concerned that if knitted in black the cables won’t be as stunning. On the other hand, the fact that it is a free pattern makes this appealing.

Woodfords by Elizabeth Doherty

Source: Brooklyn Tweed

I think out of all the patterns I have been considering for a black cardigan this is my favourite. It has some texture but not in away that it needs a light yarn to best show it off. My main problem with that pattern is finding a yarn to substitute. Some knitters have used Shetland wool for this and I think that might be a nice substitute. I have some left over and might just swatch for it and see what I think afterwards.

Wisteria by Amy Christoffers

Source: amirisu

To be honest, this isn’t really a cardigan I would knit in black but I have considered it and it is on my list of cardigans I would love to knit. There is no black in shades available for the suggested yarn and the available ones don’t really fit into my wardrobe at all. And however much I like the light pink the sample is knit in, I am not sure it would suit me. That leaves the same problem as for other patterns I like, what would be an alternative yarn to use. I think this is particularly tricky as the yarn used is a cotton/cashmere blend.

I hope this little overview explains my conundrum a bit better. I like all these patterns but with each of them there is something holding me back and am feeling reluctant to commit to a project that big without feeling like ‘Yes this is it’. I will do a few swatches for things designs I can swatch for and maybe that will help. I will keep you updated if I do decide to cast on one of these patterns.



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