Knitting in the warmer months

Even though it is only April we have had some incredible warm days this month reaching temperatures around 20 degrees which for England can even be noteworthy in summer. However, the warm temperatures have made me think about the approaching months were many knitters put aside their needles for a while because knitting isn’t considered a summer activity. And I can totally understand why.

Last years summer project. Knitted with a linen/cotton blend. Pattern: Greco, Pom Pom 13

Trying to knit something with sweaty hands when the yarn feels like it is stuck to your and doesn’t glide through your fingers and on the needles is an unpleasant and very frustrating experience. Weirdly enough though, it has never completely managed to deter me from knitting. My location in the UK where temperatures above 30 degrees are rarer might have something to do with it but I still believe with a few adjustments it is possible to knit year round.

I think that the choice of fibre is the most important one when selecting a knitting project for the warmer months. I would not attempt to knit a jumper made of Aran weight wool for example but I think that shirts, vests and even cardigans in up to DK weight yarn and using fibres such as cotton, soy or linen make great warm weather projects.


So for this reason I thought a new series of posts starting in May about summer fibres might be a good idea. Post will include information about fibre characteristics, the production process, pro and cons about working with the fibre as well as some yarn and project suggestion. At the moment, my list of fibres includes linen, cotton, silk, soy, bamboo and hemp but if you can think of any other yarns I would love to hear from you and would be happy to include it.

The first post will be about linen because it is a favourite of mine and offers a great versatility in terms of available yarn and blends. The post about line will go live the first week in May and I will publish the other fibres each week after that. I hope the posts will be helpful and provide useful information to plan your summer knitting.





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