To knit to – May Edition

I struggled a little to put together recommendations for this months because I haven’t actually watched a lot of telly and my reading has been somewhat academically focused. Which certainly gave me a lot to think about while knitting but I understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. For this month, my recommendation are all feminist books as I believe strongly in the equality of gender.

The Book/TV show – The Handmaid’s Tale


Margaret Atwood’s book is from the 1980s but is very relevant today as well. It tells the dystopian story of a society in which women are, to put it bluntly, seen as breeding machines. The story follows Offred who is a handmaid in this authoritarian theocracy. I read this book when I was in school (which was a while ago) but it was one of the books that resonated with me even as a teenager. It is a terrifying future that Margaret Atwood created even more so because all here inspiration came from historic events that actually happened. I believe that in times where rights to contraception and abortion are being taken away from women by (mostly) men this book is a warning we should all read (and if you are in the US Hulu has produced this as a TV show and even though I haven’t seen it as I don’t have access to it I would recommend you check it out).

The Book – The Power


This is another book that paints an alternative future; a future where women are in power and men are seen as the submissive, weak sex. Written by Naomi Alderman, the story tells a fictitious account of how women developed a flick of electrical power that they could disperse from their body due to the development of a string of muscle and how due to that the world more or less came to an end and women took over. What I love about this story is how it shows that being aggressive, cruel and brutal in dealing with other people has nothing to do with gender and that men and women are equally capable of it. It is also such a clever way to expose how ridiculous our ideas and beliefs of what it means to be male and female are and that ultimately they are societal constructs that have been developed and sustained over centuries.

The Book – We should all be Feminists


This is a super short non-fiction book but I think it sums up the reasons for feminism brilliantly. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an incredibly eloquent writer and has adapted a Ted talk she have in 2012 into this essay. There isn’t really much more to say. If you are sceptical about feminism read it. If you are a feminist read it because it will help you reaffirm your convictions. I have read it at least 4 times by now over the couple of months that I have had my copy and know I will go back to it again and again.



If you are interested in feminism, there are so many more good books out there. Here are a list of a few more of my favourites.

Bad Feminist – Roxanne Gay

The Beauty Myth – Naomi Wolf

A Room of One’s own – Virginia Woolf (one of the first feminist books I ever read)

Everyday Sexism – Laura Bates

The Yellow Wallpaper – Charlotte Perkins Gilman

My Life on the Road – Gloria Steinem

These are some of my favourites but my list of feminist books I want to read is still pretty long. However, I am always grateful for any suggestions. So please send me recommendations if you have any!




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