To knit to – June Edition

This month features a beloved TV show that finally returned with a new season, a more or less newly discovered radio station and an honorary mention of my favourite knitting magazine which is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary.

The TV show – House of Cards


Netflix just released season 5 and despite a slow start it has now picked up again. House of Cards is a great show because it is a show about awful people that still manages to hook you in wanting to learn about their fate. Also Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are brilliant together. If you haven’t watched it yet, do you will not be able to stop, I guarantee.

The radio station – BBC 6 Music


BBC 6 Music was the station of choice of one of my flat mates at uni and I never understood her incredible enthusiasm for the station as I wasn’t much into radio at the time. My boyfriend recently started to listen to that station and I now understand why my flat mate was so enthusiastic. I will be honest and admit I don’t know much about music and will listen to nearly every genre from classical to folk and r’n’b without making a fuss about it which is why I like BBC 6 Music. They play a good mix of music, often bands I have never heard of but it is a great soundtrack to knit to and the often (and sometimes unintentionally) funny and weird DJs are also not to be dismissed.

The Magazine – Pom Pom Quarterly


Pom Pom is hands down my favourite knitting magazine and it is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary which I think warrants a mentioned in this knit to list. The founders Megan Fernandes and Lydia Gluck started the magazine more or less in their kitchen and have managed to create a well loved independent knitting magazine that features stunning designs beautifully curated and photographed. I am always inspired when I receive my copy through the mail and highly recommend this magazine.


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